A Bio of Joseph Woods in A Soul Warrior’s Journey

When I was thinking of the character Joseph Woods, I wanted someone who was going through some serious struggles in life. I wanted someone who tried the conventional means of healing, but it didn’t work. I wanted him to search for an outlet and help. It was then in the second chapter of the book he bumps into Matteus Andersen who eventually becomes his mentor and acupuncturist.

Joseph Woods in the book will discover his past life memories through acupuncture, dreams and meditation. He is also on a road to recovery. Joseph also in the same time deals with problems from his friend Shawn Williams. Shawn gives Joseph a hard time about his life style and his attitude. Shawn then brought back a woman named Emily Dickens, whom Joseph once had a crush on. He never gotten over the crush and she didn’t return it back. And history was about to repeat itself as Emily went with Shawn in front of Joseph.

Joseph wanted revenge, but he was warned of the path of revenge from his mentor Matteus. I will write a little more on Matteus’ bio when I write about his story next blog. Let me continue on Joseph’s story.

He goes on a spiritual journey that has him discover past lives in Egypt and he realizes there are spirits in Egypt from the past that are haunting him.

This is just a little about the tale of Joseph Woods in the book A Soul Warrior’s Journey. For more about this book you can purchase it on Amazon at
A Soul Warrior’s Journey

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A Soul Warrior’s Journey

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