A Summary of Part I of A Soul Warrior’s Journey

In Part I of A Soul Warrior’s Journey, Joseph Woods is battling a gambling and sexual addiction and he has a mental illness. He bumps into Matteus Andersen one day, who is an acupuncturist, and Joseph’s life changes. Matteus questions Joseph on where his life is heading and as a result, Joseph’s eyes start to open to a wormhole that would change his life. Joseph life opens to a spiritual awakening which would deal with the practice of meditation, acupuncture and lively dreams.

Joseph also deals with problems from his friends Shawn Williams and Paul Franks. Shawn brings back a woman named Emily Dickens, whom Joseph once had a crush on back in the picture. Joseph one day saw Emily and Shawn go with each other and Joseph left with a desire of spiritual healing. He would be focused upon his return.

Joseph returns to Matteus and discovers through his spiritual work that he has spirits from a distant past in Egypt haunting him. This is a coincidence because Matteus has had problems with a leader in Egypt named Meir Ben-Haim. He was said to give the word to blow up Matteus’ home where his wife was in the building. This caused Matteus and Ericka, Matteus’ daughter to flee to America. This is just part of the Summary for Part I of the book A Soul Warrior’s Journey. I will do part two for the book tomorrow.

Here is the link for A Soul Warrior’s Journey on Paperback

A Soul Warrior’s Journey

Here is the link for A Soul Warrior’s Journey on Amazon Kindle

A Soul Warrior’s Journey

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