In remembrance of Debbie Ford and Paul Bearer

Death is usually a sad thing. Especially went it’s people you followed and helped you along the way. First, I will discuss Debbie Ford and then I will discuss Paul Bearer.

I just found out today that Debbie Ford had passed away. She passed away on February 17, 2013, but it was a shock when I saw it in an email. When your busy with life you don’t pay attention to the subtle changes that happen and when they hit. They hit abruptly. This is what happened when I found out about Debbie Ford. I had thought she was healthy and nothing was wrong. It was a surprise to find out when I read she had a rare case of sarcoma. I want to thank her, because she help me out a lot and helped me embrace my shadow.

I didn’t meet her, but I read three of her books and saw The Shadow Effect. Her works had helped me realize that I had to face my demons. I also had addiction problems like her. They weren’t the same kind of addictions, but I remember being worthless and feeling empty like my life had no purpose. I got help and I started to read. I then came across Debbie Ford’s books and I started to read. This was after I watched The Shadow Effect.

I realize today I had been running away from my problems and I had tried to accomplish all my tasks without looking back. It was only then I realized what Debbie Ford was trying to teach with The Shadow Effect. That was today. The reason why I was trying to accomplish what I am accomplishing are because of situations from the past that made me who I am. That is why I thank Debbie Ford. My respects go out to her.

Another person who impacted me was Paul Bearer. He was a reminder of the time period I grew up and watched. When I watched wrestling in 1991, The Undertaker’s legacy was born and right by his side Paul Bearer was there guiding him and managing him. He represented a time period where your heroes were immortalized and you thought nothing could happen to them. In the 50’s growing up, they had Superman. In the 60’s, they had Batman and Robin. In the 80’s and 90’s I had Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker. Wrestling was the heroes I looked up to I even liked the villian. They were larger then life. Paul Bearer just added to it because the presence of him, the Undertaker and the urn was intimidating. Nobody likes death, yet the two embraced it. They embraced the darkness. Only ironic that I found out about Debbie Ford’s death the same day as Paul Bearer’s. Both people talked about the darkness and the shadow.

With death, you have to face your shadow. It is dark how Paul Bearer approached it, but it was also light by what happens after death. All of this come in a time where I am editing my book A Soul Warrior’s Journey which discusses reincarnation and the light going over some death in the book. With Paul Bearer’s knowledge, the Undertaker would not be revered as the greatest Wrestlemania wrestler alive today. Who could beat a 20-0 streak. This goes the same for William Moody’s (Paul Bearer) It’s sad that he had to see his wife go before him. Everyone respected what he did for the wrestling business and what he did as a person. He is now a manager in heaven with all the great wrestlers who are welcoming him in the pearly gates. And St. Peter is going to ask when William Moody arrives. What did you do. William is going to say I was Paul Bearer and I carried my friends and family to the grave. Today I relenquish the name Bearer and I share the name Paul with the apostle. Plus I join all the wrestling talent I help bring here and it’s good to see them on the other side.

Paul Bearer and Debbie Ford you will be missed.

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