Monthly Report of March 2013

This is my monthly report for March 2013. This is my first report that I have made with and I plan on reporting more. This is my first time on this blog site since February 15, 2013 and since then business has picked up. For those who haven’t followed what I have been doing, I will give you an update and inform you on what I will be doing.

First, when I started the month, I was writing blogs on What I am grateful for? As much as I like those blogs I have been too busy to keep up with them. After I released the book A Soul Warrior’s Journey on Amazon Kindle I started my website called My website features some of my writing from A Soul Warrior’s Journey, Some of my Short Story Series The Struggle to Hollywood, which feature a story of 4 actors trying to break into the acting business and make it into Hollywood. Also my other writings and other peoples writings as well to when they come in.

I also unlaunched a company called Evaldi Marketing. A company which sells advertising space online and also offers and affiliate program. Details need to be straightened out. Also we promote other writers on my websites. One website is And the company’s website is

Also, when going through my notebooks I found another website I had worked on This website came as a surprise to me as I forgot all about it. I need to repair and fix this website.

I also had proofs made of my book A Soul Warrior’s Journey, My books still needs to be edited, but after it is edited it will be ready for release.

I also took time to rerelease The Amazing Effects of Water. It was a short 28 page book that I have done for in 2009 and now I rereleased it for Amazon Kindle. It was book based on my commentary on Masaru Emoto’s photographs of water he has done. When he photographed water that had I Love You written on it, it came out beautiful, when it came out disgusting, the water was ignored or I hate you was said to it. Since we are made of water, we are effected by words. Masaru Emoto’s books I read was The Hidden Messages in Water. My book discuss how the ancients treated water and how they lived their holy lives, examples are the Tibetan monks or monks and the older priests and saints from the Catholic Church and other religions to. I also discuss how pollutants affect the water and affect us. This book The Amazing Effects of Water is a good short read.

I also work on forming two facebook fan pages. Type in Joseph Evaldi and Evaldi Marketing. I also made another twitter account I also learned how to mass mail people a news letter and my first one went out today. Go here to subscribe to my newsletter

Overall the past 14 days of February have been very busy and I feel I have accomplished more in those 14 days then I have in 6 months. That would leave the question what’s next for the month of March.

Two answers: Maintenance and Repairs. I have a lot of work that I need to do to have my websites up and running smoothly and having no errors as it has now. I also need to edit my book A Soul Warrior’s Journey as it has many mistakes in the book, but I hope by the end of the month it will be repaired.

I have a lot of work ahead of me and others will help me out along the way as this project is bigger then me as I am creating a lot of work now and I will inform you and try to write in this blog at least once a week. It won’t be as much as before as I am busy, but go on my mailing list and I will keep you informed. I am new to this so bare with me and not bad work for 14 days.

Until next time

CEO and Founder of Evaldi Marketing,


Joseph Evaldi

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