The release of my book A Soul Warrior’s Journey

I am writing to you on this exciting day about the release of my book A Soul Warrior’s Journey. For those who are unfamiliar and have not followed my blog at I will let you know about the story of this book.

Here is a story of Joseph Woods, sex and gambling addict with mental illness. One day his life changes by bumping into Matteus Anderson, an acupuncturist. Matteus question Joseph what the purpose of his life is. Joseph Woods is spiraling and he needed this question to wake up. It was as if he was going down a rabbit hole not knowing where his life would go.

He also is dealing with problems of his friend Shawn Williams. Shawn brings back a woman named Emily Dickens whom he once had a crush on, but didn’t return the crush back. Shawn later goes with Emily with Joseph seeing them. This sparks Joseph on a mission to spiritual discover his roots and through acupuncture, meditation and his dreams he discovers some of his past life memories. Some deal with a lifetime in Egypt and spirits from the past were haunting him.

Joseph is dealing with a lot of issues and he knows that his road will lead to a future trip to Egypt, but Matteus is reluctant to go back. He fears a counter with Meir Ben-Haim, the ruler in Egypt. Matteus botched the healing attempt on Meir and Meir, he thought, sought revenge on Matteus by setting fire to his house. This fire he thought killed his wife and Matteus and his daughter Ericka fleed Egypt. Only if they knew the truth.

This is a riveting tale of the battle between should I take revenge or shouldn’t I. Should I forgive. With their many discoveries this is the dilemma we all face with an enemy and through unconventional means this problem is dealt with.

I am happy to say that this book is released today. And I want to thank you for your support who have followed this blog what am I grateful for? This is just the beginning of what I will contribute and for those who are interested in this book the link is below.

A Soul Warrior’s Journey

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