What am I grateful for? Friends and bosses who touch my life and have passed on

I was going to write about my appreciation for objects, but that is going to take a back seat for a little bit. I want to write my appreciation for those who affected my life and have passed on. I am writing this because I found out today that one of my former bosses passed away in Novemember and last week I found out that my other former boss passed away last week. There have been many who have passed away that have helped me out in different ways. Despite my dislikes, they taught me to look beyond that. What I mistaken for authority was there way to push me on the right path.

I remember one person in high school, who died in a car accident, was a writer. He wrote poetry. He would have been one of the greats had he lived more, but he was battling demons that overcame his life in that accident. I looked up to him when he lived because I wanted to be a writer as good as him. I started to write then and my passions would be felt years later.

Another person I know who died in a car accident was my former boss in Kean University. I found out about him in the same fashion as the boss I found out today. He saw a lot in me and was willing to take me under his wing. It was the office of disability and international studies for students and he taught us how to be a caring individual. He cared about his job and it’s a shame what happen considering that it was in Florida and it’s dangerous to drive there.

The former boss of mine that passed away who died last week taught me a lot about counseling. Even though her affects were subtle and she was a strong woman when she was a boss. She cared for her job. I might have disagreed at times, but I respect what she had done. She taught me to live on a high standard despite my flaws that I had and I am still trying to live to that standard today.

The former boss that passed away in November showed me the effort of networking and going out there and doing it. He was in college and said he could get the CEO of a company to speak and sent out the request and he did it. That story rings bells and impressed me and taught me a lot.

I’m sure there are more people I’ve known that have passed and each person had something to teach me and the world. We can teach lessons to other and have lessons to learn from others. We could appreciate them while they are hear, but it’s to late when they are gone. Many times we are so caught up with our lives and how they may affect us that we forget what they do or are trying to do with us. I guilty of this like a lot of people are, but I’m trying to change my ways. This is why I started the what am I gratful for blog. Each person we meet has something to teach about us if we are open to learn. People are who we were, are and who we aspire to become. They are also who we don’t want to become because who fear ourselves.

I am grateful for the lessons that they passed on to me and their knowledge can help me to become who I aspire to be. Only if I could live up to their example. However, I have my own destiny to fulfill and I will fulfill it despite the fear that is embottled in me to make it. These people I mentioned lived. They had their problems like anyone else, but they took the time to touch my life and those around them. That is why I am appreciative of them.

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