What am I grateful for? My brother

We all have siblings and some of us may complain about their ways. Like it or not they are our siblings and a part of us is in them. People may say ask why I am grateful for my brother. Truth is he is part of the reason why I am today. He instilled the hard work ethic in me. He taught me humility and when we were kids he humiliated me all the time in every sport we played rather it was in door basketball, outdoor wiffle ball, bowling, video games and even in hockey he beat me. I learned the valuable lesson of never giving up despite the times I wanted to quit.

The most important lessons I learned from my brother was in hockey. He idolized Wayne Gretzky, the great one. And he scored 500 goals in one season of outdoor roller hockey in the street. He eventually got good enough in ice hockey to make a tryout for the Indianapolis Ice a Junior A team for Ice hockey. He never made though and he instills this in his son.

However, the lesson I learned from my brother was to keep working hard. He pushed me to get good in baseball, bowling, and hockey. I remember one day I was sick and had a fever. He pushed me to play hockey. Despite all odds I played that day. It was the never give up attitude and there were many times I wanted to quit, but I kept pushing through life as well.

I had a difficult childhood and he gave me encouraging speeches from not getting discouraged. He was there. He is still there to give advice even though I don’t see him that much anymore because of our schedules.

He doesn’t a lot for his son and despite his obsessive passion with hockey. He has instilled these values onto his children. He son is a real good hockey player and it is the favor from the father, my brother.

We need to appreciate our siblings, we don’t realize how important they are in our lives and it is subtle. They were there in our lives and despite the funk we may enter into we need to be grateful and appreciate all they have done for us. That is why I am grateful for my brother.

For anyone who might be interested in learning about siblings you could look up Kevin Leman The Birth Order Book. The link is below.

Birth Order Book, The: Why You Are the Way You Are

For those who are interested in looking up Wayne Gretzky some links are below.

Ultimate Gretzky 4-disc Special Edition
The Great One: The Complete Wayne Gretzky Collection
NHL Greatest Moments

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