What am I grateful for? My parents

In my latest addition of what am I grateful for, I am writing about my parents. First I want to start of with a few tidbits about my parents some of which that aren’t that positive, but for the direction that I am going it will make sense of why I am grateful for them.

Like any parents, my parents only thought what was best for me, but they didn’t explain it to me. My dad is a natural pessimest and is frugile with his money, even though he will give me money when needed. He has a big heart and my mom is in her own world, working with her scrapbooking in her twilight years, cherishing those memories.

I guess in a way me and my brother didn’t have the best clothing, or we might not have had the best toys that eveybody had, except my brother. However, I was happy with playing with my wrestling toys growing up it’s all I needed. My parents didn’t have the latest parenting techniques, but they instilled in us discipline. They were growing up in a time period when discipline was valued, but they weren’t going through the problems I faced in school. Society was different back then and kids can be cruel as in every generation. Fact is I was afraid to tell them some of my problems because they just might take action and say something. I was too proud and wanted to handle problems on my own.

They would have done it. But I was dealing with low self esteem then and like mostly everything in my life I had to learn the secrets of life by finding it myself. Parents are going to tell you what they think you should do or what’s best for you, but you have to follow your own heart and intuition. The fact is when they failed or what I thought was a failure, they succeeded. They always did their job. They just let me be and hardly gave me any advice except regular advice.

I struggled a lot through out my life, but my struggling got me to where I am today. I am genetically the way I am because of my parents. I might not be the cleanest, but I do my research, and I enjoy writing. I am talented I believe. And we all have our talents and our dreams. However, my brother was there for me to which I’ll write in my next blog.

The fact is despite our childhoods and our grievences that me and my brother had with our parents, they didn’t put pressure on us what to be except maybe my dad. My mom did set limits and in setting no limits we could dream for the starts. And a dream takes patience and work to get their. My brother is instil his dream into his son my nephew now. And it’s favor. He is teaching him what he knows so maybe one day he will make it to the pros.

I want to live my dreams as well. My dad rather I admit it or not did this when he went for haircutting school. He sacrificed for his dream. Him and his father, my grandfather went to school and they lived on bean soup until they made it and started their business. In a way I’m doing the same with my writing venture. I left a nice job to live my dream in life. It is like my calling. My dad was willing to give up on his dream, but he came back to it. He has helped many people through his job as haircutter.

We don’t see the effects of what our parents do, but we see them in our environment and how they help others. For some it might be hurt, but understand it is our lifes test that makes us or molds us into becooming who we are. Those difficult people shape us and challenge us. We might hate them for it, but it makes us stronger. We just have to get past the resentment and feel positive about life. Appreciate them for their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe they need that love more then we do.

My parents have had weaknesses and strengths, but overall their weaknesses have challenged me to venture out to fulfill my dreams and work hard at it. This is why I am grateful for my parents. They created me despite their flaws. They are my earth parents and my heavenly father is God. God’s creation isn’t perfect, but as it was said in the bible on the seventh day he appreciated his creation.

We are works of art and though we don’t know what will happen to us, at the end when we see our story unfold, we wil appreciate our parents and the people around us for making us who we are. Thank you my parents.

I mentioned about the Bible in this blog. Here are some good bibles to read. Just click on the links. Holy Bible: King James Version
The Ignatius Bible: Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition
Good News Bible: With Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha [Good News Translation]

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