What am I grateful for? My hands

I am grateful for my hands. Without them, I wouldn’t have the ability to type these words or write with a pen. Another thing I can do with my hands is to hold a cup of coffee and drink it. I could also hold a fork and eat food.

I needed my hands when I played ice hockey as a goaltender and my blogs would not be possible if I didn’t have hands. We take our hands for granted, but I don’t. I cherish them. And I admire Jim Abbott’s courage for playing baseball without a hand. He had a dream and fulfilled it and he doesn’t take that hand for granted.

We are a society that is driven by working with our hands. I work with my hands everyday. Rather it is for money or not for money. My hands are my instrument that I would be lost with.

I am grateful for the accomplishment that I have done with my hands. I am grateful for God’s invention of hands. Thank you.

Here is where you could find a good book on Jim Abbott.
Imperfect: An Improbable Life

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