What am I grateful for? My writing ability

On my latest section of what I am grateful for, I choose my writing ability. It has been a gift of mine to put words in motion and come up with plots in a book or to come up with poetry, the music of words. I have a gift to share this blog and without it where would I be.

I appreciative my ability to write. I would not be where I am today without it. Some say you might not have any money to show for it, but I say that there will be a day when my efforts will show. I wrote a book entitled A Soul Warrior’s Journey which will be released on a kindle as an e-book. I am writing two blogs now and I am working on my book of poetry which will be released at the end of the year.

My ability to write has given me a gift to share knowledge that I have learned to people who are open to receive that knowledge. I plan on sharing more and I will keep to a positive tune. My plans are releasing a book called What am I Grateful for? I want other to see what I have done to be appreciative for the things and situations in my life.

Writing has been an important tool to communicate what we feel and it is an ancient tool. Despite what may be written can be misconstrued, we have that need to know the truth and what is written has to feel right to us.

Even though i might be off on some of what I write, I change and learn everyday. There is no best way, but we have to be aware what we write because it can be a double-edged sword that will come true. I have written many things and it has happened to me. Some not good and some good.

I am appreciative of my ability to write because I could write my own story as it unfolds before the world. I could write stories that will change how we think in the world. I am grateful for my ability to write.

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