What am I grateful for? The ability to see

Yesterday I wrote about being appreciative of the ability to read and it goes hand and hand with the ability to see with the eyes. Many of us take eye sight for granted, but tell that to someone who is blind, they wish they could see the world as it is. Instead they use their imagination and other senses to get around. I do appreciate my vision.

Without vision I wouldn’t be able to read, to see this screen I’m typing on, I wouldn’t be able to see the sunset or the blue sky and the white clouds, I wouldn’t be able to see the road I drive in, or watch tv rather if it’s disturbing or not. Without vision, I wouldn’t even be able to see a naked body of a woman. It is a work of art and like any work of art I wouldn’t be able to see it as well without vision.

Yet we complain when we see dark clouds form or see traffic on the road. We complain when we see a bad commercial or a bad wrestling match in the WWE or TNA. Some complain when we see acts of sex on the internet. I will say those who profit and treat woman wrong are not right, but the act is not wrong. It is creation of what it was meant to be.

Our vision is a way of life, we see what we do when we work, go home, see our families, and our significant other. My vision means a lot to me and I appreciate it. Some stuff I don’t like what I see, but that is what is beautiful about vision, and that is we can see what we don’t like. Our vision takes us on a journey that we can only go on. This is why I am grateful for my eye sight.
Here are some dvds on the WWE or TNA that could be found on amazon.
WWE: The Attitude Era
WWE: Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History
TNA Wrestling – Mick Foley: Hardcore Legend
WWE: The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2012

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