What am I grateful for? The fact that I can read

Why am I grateful for the fact that I can read? The fact is many people take the ability to read for granted. The ability to learn and advance yourself in life. I appreciate that I have the eyes to read and the knowledge to comprehend what I read.

The fact that I can read has taken me to many places in life from my imagination. The fact is I wouldn’t be writing these blogs and had written my book if I hadn’t had the knowledge to read and research. It has opened me up to many possibilities. I might not have focused on one area, but I have many areas I have researched.

I enjoy reading too. I enjoy the fact that I could learn about anything and broaden my knowledge. I could then be a help to people in the future with what I learn. Reading opens up doorways to the future and possibilities we couldn’t have dreamed of.

I learned about life through reading, when I had my addiction problems I turned to reading in my time of need and it helped me greatly. Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow wrote about reading in 7 Wonders that will change your life. Glenn said that reading anything good or bad has transformed him from what he was before to what he is now and it was therapeutic.

Reading has helped me out to. It helped me to understand life and the grander purpose. When others weren’t explaining it to me, I had books that would explain that purpose. And 75 + books later and I transformed my life. From someone who went for his next fix to someone who reads books, wrote a book, has a successful relationship, I have come a long way. And sometimes you have to find the truth of who you are on your own. This is how reading has helped me and why I am grateful for it. Reading has helped me in more ways than I can imagine. Where wrestling was there for me before, reading is there for me now.

Thank you for my ability to read.

For where you could go to purchase Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow’s book go to amazon buy pressing this link.
The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

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