What am I grateful for? The Woman I Love

We have to be grateful for things, people, and situations in life. One of them is the woman whom I love.

She has been supportive of my endeavors to write and to read. She knows that I am head strung and focused and serious most of the time especially when I am working on my research or writing. She tries to cheer me up and gets me to snap out of my funk.

It is a difficult task for her because most of the time I’m serious and I talking about things that put you on a downer of a mood. She makes me smile, but I go back to the mundane task that I follow. Sometimes she wants me to spend time with her which I do. I can’t forget to spend time with her and alienate her for all of my interests despite what I am working towards.

Most woman would complain at some of the stuff that I do, but she only complains when I speak about negative stuff. This serves as a reminder to me of how I should think despite my flaws I have. She has faith I can overcome them.

She doesn’t say much in conversation about these topics, but her reaction is felt. She loves her cats and dogs. Her animals mean the world to her. She has a special connection to them.

We are there for each other financially. When I am in a jam she helps me and when she is in a jam I help her and especially on our many trips to Starbucks.

For a good book about relationships you could purchase John Grays book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex

Overall, I am grateful for her love. Without it I wouldn’t be striving to where I want to be in life. Words can’t express how she feels about me, but her emotions are felt with in. That is why I am grateful for the woman I love.


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