The Law of Attraction, A story of my epiphany.

Yesterday and previously in my blogs I’ve been writing on a negative tone. Then through reading and understanding I realized what I was writing about was coming true. I wrote about my financial situation, I wrote about the negativity in society, and how evil people can be. Only to realize that I had also been feeding into the frenzy with my frustration and it has been showing in my life. I’m having a bad job situation because of it. Then I realized like an epiphany that I have to show appreciation for what I have in my life so it can manifest. It is the law of attraction at work.

The Secret did a good job at explaining it. Sure some points can be debated just like anything, but one point struck me in The Secret. That was where a gay man got bullied, hated his job, and got heckled when he did his comedy routine. He mentioned this to his online professor his situation. The professor Bill Harris told him that it was his negative thoughts that were causing him these situations to happen. Bill said whatever he was passionate about would happen. This is where the gay man changed his thoughts. Soon he was doing the things he loved and was appreciated, the people who were heckling him at work or at his comedy routine were gone and he was having a better life.

This reminded me of my life. I’m not the gay man, but the similarities of that negativity are there. I have not realized what I have been saying with my words. Even though they may be correct, but do they solve my problem that I have now. I’m just complaining. But all of this can change. Life has its ups and downs and we can learn from them. They challenge us and let us open the door to new discoveries.

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That is why in future blogs I will start a section called What am I grateful for? I think it’s very important to discuss what we are grateful for so it can manifest. Rather then saying negative stuff all the time and rehashing what’s wrong with society, our relationship, our job, our financial situation, I will mention about what I’m grateful for.

I might not be perfect and have flaws like everyone else, but by doing this I could will change and make it happen. Just as in the book Discover the Gift by Demian Lichtenstein and Shajen Joy Aziz, they said that we have to approach our lives and our adversities and accept the challenges that come our way. We might not accept it at first, but they lead to doorway we could have not imagined if we leave the baggage behind.

Our baggage is this negativity. Horrible things happen in life, but our test is what we do to over come it. First we need to train ourselves. This is how with a new attitude we can overcome our problems with the emotional war.

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