The Revolution

We the people will prosper and it’s going to take a revolution to take over and our creativity is needed. We have written our blogs, our videos, we have united, but still we are divided.

We need small business banks to compete with the big banks, we need our mayor’s to compete with the President for our resources. We need a revolution and we need to put pressure on them for change. We all want to work and we have ideas for businesses that need support.

We need the George Bailey of the world to sacrifice their will and fight big business. We need I put our money elsewhere and not to those banks who want to steal from us. And the mayor should have the power over what’s best for the city rather than having those funds made go to the government who doesn’t look out for our best interest.

We need our small businesses to be supported over the corporations who rob us and will force us out because we are making too much. Small businesses are out for loyalty of the people who have worked for them. Big Business doesn’t care about loyalty. Even though unemployment helps a little, we don’t want to be dependent upon the system. We want our freedom.

The revolution starts now for us. There are ways to get back what is ours even if we work and fight for it. It is time for innovation. Our time is now.

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